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I never really thought about living green until I got pregnant with Parker. I started to pay a little more attention to labels and was shocked to learn all of the harmful and poisonous chemicals that were in our everyday products. I quickly got overwhelmed with the idea of leading a greener life and realized that I would need to take baby steps. Changing one thing at a time was more manageable as a new mom. Now, after about a year, we have switched out a lot of our cleaning agents in our home, reduced waste with unpaper towels and wash cloths and shop for more local and organic food.

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Cloth Diapering

While we were never cloth diapering 100% of the time both kids were cloth diapered for awhile. Parker was later on, about 3-18 months, and Caity was early, newborn – 6 months. I definitly recommend it to any family as a way to save money and/or help the environment. I wouldn’t say it’s easier and at times can be a little gross, but man what a difference it can make in your budget, the environment, and even with preventing rashes.

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Favorite Products
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